LumberJackie is grown out of a love for playfulness, kindness, and the beauty of handmade things. It is a passion project by me, Jackie Cadiente.  I'm inspired by wooden handcrafts, toys, and films from yesteryears especially those from the mid century, classical Hollywood cinema, and the golden age of animation.  I’m also a stop motion artist, so my love of animation and miniatures can be seen through my products. All characters are my own - except for the fan Knottles! Each of these products is created out of sustainably-sourced wood and eco-friendly finishes.  I hope these things might grow in you a sincere wonder as they do in me - it is a seed we all share!

Green Practices

LumberJackie is a green brand, right down to the root; all wood is sourced entirely through sustainable forests, or harvested locally from naturally fallen trees. All paints and finishes are naturally derived, nontoxic, and food-safe. All packaging and promotional items are made out of 100% recycled materials. In addition, I practice responsible production techniques wherever possible. I know the Earth is precious and irreplaceable, so I do my best to take care of her!  Both you and the earth can feel good when you use LumberJackie goods!

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