Sitting Tree Spirit, Smiling

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This is a Tree Spirit. As amazing as it might sound, there are more trees on earth than there are stars in our galaxy. Yet, each tree has a distinct identity. The particular spot they take root; the storms and seasons they weather; the countless days and nights they quietly witness; and all the living things, big and little, that share in it with them. All these things shape a tree’s spirit, which I in turn strive to channel and reveal in making my Tree Spirits. Like the trees that gave them life, these little ones are each unique unto themselves; no two are exactly alike. This fella' happens to be made of ash wood, harvested from a naturally fallen tree here in Los Angeles months ago. It has four more siblings, as they come from the same tree.

Though all my products are made from sustainably harvested wood and eco-friendly, nontoxic finishes, with these I take particular care; we couldn’t exist without trees, and so I always do my best to honor them in showing their spirits! Like their mothers and fathers, these little ones like tranquility and quiet; to sit beside you as you read a book, or watch the clouds roll by with you. I believe you’ll find in this little one a wonderful, abiding friend. Come and get acquainted; they might be quiet, but deep down, they’re full of stories.

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