Honey Dipper

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These are my traditional honey dippers, perfect for drizzling honey or syrup on pancakes or toast, over yogurt, or into a nice cup of tea! An integral part of any classic kitchen! As with all my products, these are handmade from sustainably harvested wood and eco-friendly, food-safe finishes.

Care Note:
With any wooden kitchenwares, care must be taken to ensure long life. Be sure not to wash these in the dishwasher, and avoid extended soaking. Instead, gently hand wash with a soft sponge, and dry right away with a soft cloth (not paper towels as the fibers would get caught in the grain). To preserve the finish, lightly rub with warm, food-safe oil or wax every few months, depending on use; allow this coating to air dry before resuming use. I recommend natural oils or waxes such as fractionated coconut oil, linseed oil, or beeswax for this purpose.