Tree Spirit

Coming soon


(Hey there! I know how much you folks love these Tree Spirits. I'm currently making more, so please do stay tuned!)

This is a Tree Spirit. As amazing as it might sound, there are more trees on earth than there are stars in our galaxy. Each tree has a distinct identity. The particular spot they take root; the storms and seasons they weather; the countless days and nights they quietly witness; and all the living things, big and little, that share in it with them. All these things shape a tree’s spirit. Like the trees that gave them life, these little ones are each unique unto themselves; no two are exactly alike.

Like their mothers and fathers, these little ones like tranquility and quiet; to sit beside you as you read a book, or watch the clouds roll by with you. I believe you’ll find in this little one a wonderful, abiding friend. Come and get acquainted; they might be quiet, but deep down, they’re full of stories.

© 2017 LumberJackie, Jackie Cadiente